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(Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique)

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spine animationCerebrospinal Fluid Technique (CSFT) is a powerful, revolutionary new healing art. The clinical objective of "CSFT" is to free up the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the cerebrospinal axis.  The protocol and analysis are unlike any other chiropractic technique.  "CSFT" practitioners palpate for the impedance to CSF flow from the coccyx to the top of the cranium-at every single vertebral level. The procedure utilizes gentle, low force chiropractic adjustments to correct areas of CSF stasis caused by subluxated spinal and cranial bones. 

Dr. Don Glassey developed "CSFT", cumulating 15 years of study of many different body and energy work techniques. Drawing upon his knowledge, experience and expertise as a chiropractor, chiropractic college instructor and teacher of Network Chiropractic, Dr. Glassey developed the "CSFT" clinical protocol with a teaching team of body and energy work practitioners.

Dr. Glassey's research of the Nervous, Meridian and Chakra energy systems led him to the discovery that CSF is the physical connection which links all the energy systems. It is Dr. Glassey's revolutionary theory that CSF is the fluid of life, the life force (Ki, Chi, Prana) of the body.

The sole purpose and objective of "CSFT" is to "awaken" the flow of the CSF to release the healing power of the body on all levels.

"CSF is the great river of life in the body."
-A.T. Still
Founder of Osteopathy

"CSF is the liquid medium for the Breath of Life."
Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O.
Founder of Polarity Therapy


Dr. Don Glassey, LMT, Founder and Developer of CSFT

facilitating a Posterior Cranial Sweep

Hear what practitioners are saying about "CSFM":


"I have been practicing massage therapy for three years and have been searching for a gentle yet deeply effective protocol to enhance my therapeutic sessions.  Cerebrospinal Fluid Massage ("CSFM") does just that.  CSFM takes a minimal amount of time at the end of the session and can be added to any therapy.  It's effective at releasing the client's cerebrospinal fluid allowing the body to facilitate healing.  I'm very impressed!"
Christina Stahler Moore, Owner/ LMT
Willow Healing MA59185


"Attending Dr. Glassey's CSFM class is refreshing, entertaining, super informational, affordable, & best of all you can use your knowledge immediately! I started practicing CSFM the next day on my family & any clients receptive to the idea. Excellent feedback, some shifts for people right away, & everyone loved how they felt for several days after! Absolutely LOVE this technique."
Lori Dugan LMT 35283 


"The CSFM training was concise and extremely informative, the technique itself is a great finishing adjunct to any and all other types of bodywork, I have used it as thorough finish to any treatment that I perform whether it be structural or deep tissue. Excellent addition to any therapists toolbox."
Peter C Lowden LMT
MA24057 (FL since 1996)- SET/KT/OMT/Vedic-Thai/AMT/CSFM/ABMP/FSMTA


Hear what practitioners are saying about "CSFT":


"My mom had minor heart surgery today and was in a ton of pain.  I stayed with her the whole day, and worked on her as soon as the hospital allowed her to move.  I did 'CSFT' on her three times during my visit.  The pain immediately subsided after the first session.  About thirty minutes later she looked achy so I did 'CSFT' again, and the pain subsided.  Sixty minutes later she was again achy, and again 'CSFT'.  The effect of this session lasted almost two hours, and she moved slightly and quickly went to sleep.  The point is, thanks for such a gift. Your work has helped me more than anything I've ever learned in chiropractic."
- Carolyn Gilstad, DC
CSFT Practitioner

"Dr.  Don  Glassey's unique,  scientifically  based work  (Cerebrospinal  Fluid  Technique)  is a  joy  to  receive."
 - Candace Pert, Ph.D. 
Author of  "Molecules  of  Emotion" and  featured in the  film "What the Bleep"

"Thanks for the great adjustment (CSFT session)"
- Bruce Lipton, PhD
Author of "Biology of Belief" and chiropractic patient and supporter.

After the "CSFT" session, I felt like a Spring symphony was playing in my head."
- Dr. Helene Ginian
Chiropractor and Teacher of Homeopathy

 "The art of chiropractic is growing quickly to deliver what the philosophy said it could; a unification of mind, body and Spirit. "CSFT" is joining in with many new approaches to the spine to pave the way."
- Dr. Arno Burnier
Chiropractor and Int'l Lecturer

"I was amazed at how completely relaxed and integrated I felt after just one 'CSFT' session. This new work went to a very deep level and pulled together all the loose ends of my nervous system. The sense of calmness lasted for several weeks."
- Jane Burnier
Former chiropractic assistant, CMT, Reiki Master and Trager Practitioner

"I have found that "CSFT" has a powerful influence on the body's ability to heal emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. It offers the practitioner a technique that greatly aids clients in reaching their healing potential.
- Amy Blake
Professor in OT program Florida Gulf Coast University and Licensed Occupational Therapist

"The "CSFT" procedure allows the body to formulate its' own self-correction strategy. It works closely in conjunction with acupuncture and contributes greatly to my energetic needle protocol."
- Philip Trigiani, MS, L.Ac., LMT
Licensed Acupuncturist

"This revolutionary concept in healing promotes a profound sense of deep relaxation."
- Marie Sames
Yoga Instructor & Body Centered Therapist

"It was like a great healing session and an initiation at the same time."
- Roxayne Veasey
Reiki Master and Author


Client Testimonials:


"I've been seeing Dr. Glassey for a couple of years now for 'CSFT' for athletic injuries and to rehab past injuries.  My body always responds immediately to the work.  It's as if my body knows exactly where to send healing energy.  I not only feel stimulation and energy flow to the area in need, but my recovery is accelerated for days after the session."
- Gonzalo Lever, age 45 Runner and Tri-athlete

"As a professional wrestler having suffered a concussion, I was treated by Dr. Glassey with his CSFT and the results were amazing, virtually clearing up all of my post concussion symptoms.  I recommend anyone who has ever had any head trauma to try the CSFT, it truly is a gift from God."
 -World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE)Superstar
   Brian Jossie aka Abraham Washington (pro-wrestling name)

"I sought Dr. Glassey's care due to the recommendation from my acupuncturist.   The fact that he was a D.C. resonated with me, as my husband is a retired D.C, and our son is a D.C. Knowing how many patients can be helped by Chiropractic I sought Dr. Glassey's healing therapy.   I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   After the first treatment I noticed a sizable increase in my energy level.  The energy level continued during treatments that followed.   I look forward to seeing Dr. Glassey on our return to Florida. this coming fall."
- Sara Williams  Greensboro, NC

"This letter is in testimony to the ability of Dr. Don Glassey's healing art (CSFT). He worked on my spine and head, which resulted in curing a persistent, severe migraine headache that had been tormenting me for weeks, after unsuccessfully undergoing medical treatment that previously had worked."
- Carole Brady (age 70)

"I work as a server (waitress) and carry heavy trays. Consequently, I developed chronic pain in my wrist, which required me to wear a splint. After one session with Dr. Glassey using "CSFT" the pain was totally gone and never came back."
- Alicia Faulds (age 32)

"My nine year old son showed a marked difference after having Dr. Glassey's Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique (CSFT) performed on him.  The main reason I took him to see Dr. Glassey was due to my concern of his allergy and sinus issues.  Not only did my son's allergy symptoms decrease dramatically, I noticed that his overall demeanor became much calmer as well."
- Christina Moore


For additional information about "CSFT" call, write or email:

Dr. Donald J. Glassey
7508 13th Ave. N 
St Petersburg, FL  33710

Telephone: (727) 290-6353  

To email Dr Glassey, use this link:  dglassey@tampabay.rr.com


History of "CSFT"

In 1983 Dr. Don Glassey was initially inspired to develop a new form of body work by his reading of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. He learned asanas (yoga postures), and began studying yoga techniques taught by Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF). SRF is the international organization founded by Yogananda in 1920 to be the instrument for worldwide dissemination of his yoga teachings. Dr. Glassey learned a specialized meditation technique taught by “SRF” called kriya yoga pranayama (breathing practices). He was taught to experience coolness going up the spine and warmth going down while practicing the kriya yoga pranayama.

The sensation fascinated him as he began to experience the coolness and warmth going up and down his spine. So he asked his spiritual teacher, Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Yogananda, to explain the phenomenon, and Mr. Davis told him it was the movement of “prana” (subtle life force) moving up and down his spine. Upon further investigation of the aforementioned sensation, Dr. Glassey recognized he was experiencing the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) up and down the spine. He reasoned that since CSF is primarily produced at the top of the cranium in the lateral ventricles, then travels down to the level of the second lumbar vertebrae, and up again around the cranium, that CSF was the physical manifestation of the movement of prana. According to yoga philosophy “prana” moves down and around the shushumna (in the spinal canal) within the intersecting two major nadi pathways called ida and pingala.  And then up the central pathway of the shushumna (the central canal of the spinal cord).

Over the years, the abovementioned insight produced more research as well as published articles about the role of CSF in the nervous system, the meridians and the nerve plexuses that correspond anatomically to the major chakras. In 1996 Dr. Glassey started grappling with how to integrate his theories concerning CSF into his chiropractic practice. The result was a new form of body work he called Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique (CSFT). He tested “CSFT” by working with a team of body work practitioners including Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Shiatsu and Acupuncture. Together they found that clinically the “CSFT” protocol Dr. Glassey developed was effective in reducing impedance to the flow of energy not only in the nervous system, but also in the meridians and chakras.

Accordingly Dr. Glassey has theorized that CSF is the life force of the body. He proposes that CSF is the healing energy, the ki/chi and prana as well as the “key” to the proper functioning of the nervous system. In 1997 he began teaching “CSFT” first in the Philadelphia/New York metropolitan area where he resided, and then in every region of the United States, Canada and Mexico. In this regard Dr. Glassey has taught his “CSFT’ protocol to over 1,500 practitioners, and trained a teaching staff to further disseminate his work. (The aforementioned account of the history of “CSFT” was reported in the international magazine Yoga Journal in the September/October 1998 issue in the “World of Yoga” section)

In 1999 Dr. Glassey retired from active chiropractic practice to devote himself full-time to teaching, and refining the “CSFT” protocol. In 2007, McGraw-Hill Publishers included Dr. Glassey’s “CSFTM” procedure in the modalities section, and the  “CSF” Ayurvedic massage in the Asian Bodywork section of their 1,000 page textbook entitled New Foundations in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. They (McGraw-Hill) also included an article written by Dr. Glassey on the vitalistic philosophical foundation of bodywork. 

Dr. Glassey was a featured presenter at the Sacro Occipital Research Society International Convention in April of 2006 in ST. Louis, MO speaking on the topic of "The Anatomy and Physiology of CSF Circulation".  In the May/June 2009 issue of the peer reviewed professional journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (ATHM) he co-authored a leading article entitled "Cerebrospinal Fluid Stasis and Its Clinical Significance".  This article was also featured in the 7th Annual Sacro Occipital Research Conference-USA in May 2015 in New Orleans, LA, and will be re-printed in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, the Quinquennial SOT Compendium of Peer Reviewed Research as well as in a number of chiropractic search engines.


"A healing art is inferior or superior to the extent that it can awaken the life force."
- Paramhansa Yogananda
Author of "Autobiography of a Yogi"




Dr. GlasseyAbout the Founder and Developer of "CSFT"

Dr. Donald J. Glassey was born in 1946 in Brooklyn, NY, and educated at Michigan State University (BA with Honor), the University of Pennsylvania (M.S.W.), and Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic (D.C.) where he subsequently taught chiropractic technique, history and philosophy. He is a former national staff instructor for Network Chiropractic seminars, a Reiki Master, and also taught Toggle Recoil chiropractic technique nationally.

Dr. Glassey is a 1984 graduate of Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic.  He is also a 2000 graduate of the Florida Academy of Massage.  He holds an active chiropractic license in the state of Pennsylvania.   Dr. Glassey is also a member of the Florida Chiropractic Society. He is on the post-graduate faculty of Life University, and offers re-licensure CE hours for chiropractors.  His seminars are also approved for Continuing Education Units with the National Certification Board Therapeutic Massage and Body Workers for CE Hours.  His courses are approved for Continuing Education with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) for PDA points.

To email Dr Glassey, use this link:  dglassey@tampabay.rr.com




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