Cerebrospinal Fluid Massage (CSFM) is a powerful, revolutionary new massage procedure. The clinical objective of "CSFM" is to free up the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) around the cerebrospinal axis comprised of the brain and spinal cord. The effect is totally distinct from any other type of massage procedure.

Dr. Don Glassey, LMT, Founder of Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique (CSFT), developed the "CSFM" procedure by studying the effect of various Swedish Massage strokes on CSF flow. Drawing upon his experience, knowledge and expertise as the Developer of "CSFT", Dr. Glassey has applied the principles of "CSFT", and the science of impeded CSF circulation to Swedish Massage. It is  Dr. Glassey's revolutionary theory that CSF is the fluid of life, life force (Ki, Chi, Prana) of the body.

The "CSFM procedure" uses variations of the major categories of Swedish massage strokes including effleurage, petrissage, friction, and tapotement. These Swedish massage stroke variations emphasize certain parameters: a specific amount of pressure, pace of the stroke, and a designated angle when applying the stroke. These guidelines are designed to free up areas of impeded CSF circulation around the cerebrospinal axis. The procedure also addresses massaging particular muscles whose action facilitates the CSF pumping mechanisms, as well as certain spinal, cranial, and other muscles.

The sole purpose and objective of "CSFM" is to "awaken" the flow of the CSF to release the healing power of the body. This procedure facilitates the CSF through a variety of practitioner-friendly  massage strokes to induce optimum circulation.

The  "Cerebrospinal  Fluid  Massage"  procedure  is featured in  the  recently  published McGraw-Hill  new  1,000  page  massage/bodywork  textbook  entitled  "New  Foundations in Therapeutic  Massage and  Bodywork"  by  Saeger and  Brown  in  the  "Modalities" Section, and  is available  through  Barnes and Noble or


"CSF is the great river of life in the body."
                           A.T. Still
                           Founder of Osteopathy


"CSF is the  liquid  medium   for  the  Breath  of  Life."
                          Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O.
                          Founder of Polarity Therapy



Hear what practitioners are saying about "CSFM"


Attending Dr. Glassey's CSFM class is refreshing, entertaining, super informational, affordable, & best of all you can use your knowledge immediately! I started practicing CSFM the next day on my family & any clients receptive to the idea. Excellent feedback, some shifts for people right away, & everyone loved how they felt for several days after! Absolutely LOVE this technique.

                                           -Lori Dugan LMT 35283 


"Dr.  Don  Glassey's unique,  scientifically  based work  (Cerebrospinal  Fluid  Massage)  is a  joy  to  receive."
                                       -Candace  Pert,  Ph.D. 
                                        Author of  "Molecules  of  Emotion" and  featured in the  film "What the Bleep"


"A soothing, unwinding and unique procedure.  The CSF Massage offers a touch, which guides the body and mind to an integrative rhythm."

                                                 -Kandy Love, MS, LMT
                                                  Director of Health & Harmony Yoga and
                                                  Massage Center, and 1994 Massage
                                                  Therapist of the Year


"The CSF Massage merges cutting edge science with the 'CSFT' technique to release cerebrospinal fluid restrictions.  The results are immediate and unforgettable."

                                                 -Bill Nelson, MS, LMT
                                                  Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology,
                                                  and Massage at Florida Academy of Massage







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