spine animation "The Soul Swims in the CSF"

The Metaphysical Physiology of the Cerebrospinal Fluid
Dr. Don Glassey

The above quote is attributed to Dr. Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy, who studied for many years with one of India's spiritual Masters. His brilliant mind and keen intellect enabled him to intuit the above hypothesis. In fact, the brain and spinal cord, which contain the largest volume of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the body, do literally "swim", or float, in CSF. Both are completely immersed in this liquid environment. Our Indian Master asserted that the brain and spine (spinal cord) are the altars of God in man.  He also stated that we worship God in the temple of the spine.

These assertions lend further credibility, from a metaphysical perspective, that the soul of man may physically express in and around the brain and spinal cord. The soul has been described as an individualized ray of God's consciousness, which temporarily identifies with the mind/body. The soul can also be depicted as a personified portion of God resident within each human being. Although Dr. Stone passed on before the discovery of neuropeptides in the mid-nineteen eighties, he may have connected these informational substances with his statement that "the Soul swims in the CSF" had he been alive when neuropeptides were discovered.

Neuropeptides are informational substances that coordinate almost all physiological and emotional processes on a cellular level. They are literally responsible for the mind-body connection, for they serve as a point of transformation between the mind and body. The generally accepted definition of healing is to bring about a closer connection among mind, body and Spirit. Therefore, it is suggested that neuropeptides circulating in the CSF may be the physical substances that coordinate the mind, body and Spirit connection and facilitate healing on all levels.

Itzhak Bentov postulated that the body contains oscillators, which create a magnetic field that is connected with "EVERYTHING", when all the oscillators are harmonized. His theory includes the following partial list of oscillators; aorta, heart sounds, circulatory sensory stimulus and standing waves in the lateral ventricles of the brain. The latter area is where CSF and some neuropeptides are produced and contains the largest reservoir of CSF in the body. Thus, it is proposed that when the CSF and neuropeptides are flowing optimally, it effects our consciousness in such a way that we can become united with the universal consciousness in "everything". It is also suggested that this postulate may be given further credibility by the movement of a drum-like, tympanic membrane, in the roof of the lateral ventricles (corpus callosum) of the brain. It is suggested that this drum-like membrane may pick up cosmic vibrations, which set the CSF vibrating a in frequency connected to universal consciousness.

One great Indian Master defined God as, "ever-present, ever-lasting, ever-new joy", and stated that God is in the "eternal" present. Depak Chopra, well known author and lecturer on spirituality, professes that when we are in the present moment, we are in the presence of God and God is present in us. These descriptions and statements about God directly lend support to what occurs, both experientially and physiologically, when the CSF and neuropeptides are flowing optimally.

Being in the "now moment", or, more "present", could be linked to the medullary centers in the brain, which control our sense of alertness. The CSF passes through the medullary center, and therefore may be related to the feeling of alertness, or being in the "here and now"-"the present". This also may be connected to neuropeptides circulating in the CSF through the medulla and pons areas of the brain.

The bliss or joy that is experienced when CSF flows optimally may be related to an increased, or more completely natural, amount of serotonin circulating in the CSF. Serotonin is a large neuropeptide that is secreted into the CSF from the supraepindymal cells lining the ventricles of the brain, where CSF is produced and present in large volume. Serotonin levels are related to our sense of well being and mood. Therefore, as the CSF flows in an optimal fashion it may stimulate the supraepindymal cells to secrete serotonin. This could account for the heightened sense of well-being and elevated positive mood experienced when the CSF is flowing freely.

Another factor, which may play a role in our connection to "everything" on the planet and serotonin levels, could be the pineal gland. Metaphysically, the pineal gland is said to be responsible for our connection to the 'rhythm of life'. The pineal gland in birds and reptiles is located close to the top of the head, is directly sensitive to light, and functions as a third eye.

In humans, the pineal gland is indirectly sensitive to light. It functions as a circadian pacemaker, which also regulates the secretion of melatonin and serotonin. The pineal gland is bathed in CSF from the superior cistern, and as the flow of CSF has been reported to increase at night, this flow could effect the pineal gland's involvement in the daily "rhythm of life" in human beings related to the neuropeptide mechanism.

Pioneer neurosurgeon, Wilder Penfield, M.D., found a way to map the functions of large areas of the human brain. In the 1920's at McGill University in Montreal, he conducted a startling series of experiments in which he reported the following observations. When he stimulated a region called the sylvian fissure, in the right temporal lobe of the brain in epileptic patients', they commonly reported leaving their bodies, seeing God, hearing beautiful music, seeing dead friends and relatives, and vividly recalling significant life experiences. The theory that CSF flows in the glial cells system could explain the connection, as glial cells can be responsible for initiating and terminating seizures.

A great Indian Master claimed that the soul remembers every incarnation (past life), and that a God-conscious soul can commune with other souls previously deceased. The experimental experiences reported by Dr. Penfield could be related to the CSF and neuropeptides. The CSF cistern of the lateral fossa is between the temporal and parietal lobes of the brain and any increased stimulation of this area could be responsible for Penfield's observations.

It has been suggested that meditation is practicing the "presence of God". The Gamma brain wave pattern, associated with meditation, is produced in the temporal area of the brain, which may be related to CSF and neuropeptide flow in that area as well. The CSF cistern (reservoir), of the lateral fossa, bridges the lateral brain fissures (indentations) between the temporal and parietal lobes of the brain. Therefore, a more natural flow of CSF and neuropeptides could bear upon the production of the Gamma rhythm in the brain.

It is also suggested that the CSF may be responsible for the "Kundalini" phenomenon. Kundalini is a dormant, creative energy potential in nature and in the body. When it "awakens" in human beings, one effect is that soul qualities may emerge. The Kundalini energy flows up and down the cerebrospinal pathway in a manner very similar to the physiological movement of the CSF. The Kundalini phenomenon, on a physical level, therefore, may be related to an electromagnetic field generated by CSF flowing in rhythmic pulsation's from the base of the spine up into the cranium and down again. The movement of the CSF molecules could generate this electromagnetic field, that according to recent research could be related to CSF flow.

It is possible that it is the movement of sodium and potassium molecules, electrolytes in the CSF that creates an electromagnetic energy field of various frequencies emanating from within the body. Since the CSF controls the electrolyte balance in the nervous system, it regulates the body's ability to conduct electricity, which is an electromagnetic phenomenon. And recent research indicates that CSF is thought to influence the electromagnetic environment of the neurons and other cells of the central nervous system. Thus, the Kundalini phenomenon on a physical level could be related to a mechanism involving an electromagnetic field generated by the CSF. Perhaps then Dr. Randolph Stone's intuition before the discovery of neuropeptides was correct and that the "Soul" utilizes the mechanism of these informational substances circulating in the CSF to bring about a closer connection among the mind, body and Spirit.








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