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It has been my observation that the dominant causal factor of disease, mental or physical is a malfunction of the digestive and immune systems.  It is presumed that everyone has a normal digestive system when, in the majority of cases, just the opposite is true.  It has been suggested that Fibromyalgia is the Chronic Fatigue of the 90’s and we know that doctors resisted admitting that Chronic Fatigue was a disease until recently.  It seems the allopathic community just gives another name to the same problem when they don’t have an answer.  The fact is they were greatly responsible for creating these conditions with the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs, which have a down side.

We tend to accept illness and aging as a part of life.  We do not question that this may not be necessary.  We don’t understand that the cells are immortal as long as they get the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oxygen out of the food we eat.  We don’t question the FDA because we pay their salaries and believe that they have our best interest at heart when, in fact, they are being rewarded by the pharmaceutical industry to push pharmaceuticals when nutraceuticals heal the body   

I would ask that you suspend all disbelief at this point and just follow my reasoning based on a broad collection of books, articles and scientifically proven information and keep in mind that medical doctors do not take extensive nutritional courses.  I would also ask that you keep in mind that you yourself are adversely impacted and at risk of digestive failure.  When you step into the shower in the morning or take a long leisurely bath, you compromise your own digestive system.

There are three levels of digestion, enzyme, acid and yeast.  Each is designed to break the food down so that the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oxygen are small enough for the system to absorb them into the blood stream via the lower intestine.  You are not what you eat but rather what your body can absorb.

Let us look at the first level of digestion, enzymes.  The entire digestive system is interactive and synergistic with enzymes and bacteria.  They trigger all of the catalytic responses in the body.  In the pancreas, we are endowed with a limited life time supply of enzymes. Everything alive comes with sufficient enzymes to break itself down at the end of its life.  Raw food contains these essential enzymes however, when cooked to over 118 degrees, the enzymes are destroyed.  Further, the oxygen in the food is destroyed through heating.  Enzymes also control our DNA through the use of metabolic enzymes. Because we are eating too much cooked, or dead food, we are wasting our precious   enzymes which are the life force in each of us.  Without these essential enzymes we die. When we eat raw or live food, the food breaks itself down saving our precious enzymes to become metabolic.  Metabolic enzymes are responsible for patrolling the DNA to repair the holes created by toxins, both natural and man-made.  Metabolic enzymes keep us healthy.  Scientists and allopathic physicians look at genetic factors in families but fail to realize that families also share their food.   

Hydrochloric acid is the second level of digestion.  We actually have two stomachs (Howell, 1985), one enzyme, the first level of digestion and one hydrochloric acid the second level.  This is where the food is broken down into a slurry or chime.  Hydrochloric acid production is triggered by oxygen.  The level of heartburn being experienced currently is not too much acid but not enough.  Because there is not enough hydrochloric acid the food then sits in the stomach putrefying and reflux of undigested food causes the burning sensation.  Doctors are prescribing antacids when they should be suggesting betain hydrochloric acid with pepsin to encourage digestion.

We are already aware of the depletion of oxygen in our environment.  Oxygen is the most essential element in the cells.  Cells may survive with depleted nutrients, vitamins, minerals and water for long periods of time but they cannot survive without oxygen more then five minutes.  The body utilizes two forms of oxygen, gas and liquid.  The gas oxygen we inhale is used to burn the nutrients for fuel.  Hydrogen peroxide is the immune system.  The T cells that doctors refer to as the immune system are actually the defense system produced by the body when the immune system becomes depleted.    Bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer cannot survive in an oxygen environment.  

When we were put on this planet, we were put here with a need for friendly bacteria such as acidophilus, bifidus, and other lactobacilli to break them selves down and feed and control our yeast population, which is the third and final stage of digestion.  These “friendly” bacteria work synergistically with the yeast population to create our essential for digestion B vitamins.  The yeast is responsible for extracting the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the pre-digested food and transporting them, via the lower intestine into the blood stream.  Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, looked around and thought, you need these friendly bacteria every day, you also need to drink water every day so she put the friendly bacteria in the water supply.  In this nation we use damaging chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and fluoride, to cleanse the water.  When the friendly bacteria is not available to feed the yeast, it goes looking for food elsewhere causing a yeast overgrowth.  If the body cannot absorb these nutrients, it views them as toxins and attacks.  This is what causes allergies and asthma.  Our food now becomes toxins instead of nutrients.  Further, this accelerates the aging process since the cells are not getting the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oxygen necessary to maintain their structure.

I would like to point out that I am not the healer, you are.  I am merely the teacher and guide for those who wish to heal themselves.  Given the appropriate nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oxygen the body heals itself.  We all know the saying, “Physician, heal thyself” and that is precisely what I am doing.

About the Author: Back in 1974 I quit smoking through the Smokender program which began a good deal of my research.  Approximately 16 years ago I was given a shot of penicillin when all over my file was stamped “PENICILLIN ALLERGIC”.  Six months later I began to gain weight without changing my life style nor eating habits.  I ultimately gained 60 pounds in 20 months.  It took three years of research to discover that it had created candidacies, the precursor to Chronic Fatigue.  It has taken another 13 years to develop the theories in the paper and restore my good health.  During this time I have furthered my education and I am finishing a Masters of Science in Nutrition at the Clayton School of Natural Healing.  I am concurrently working on my Ph.D. based on Autism and Schizophrenia caused by Digestive Failure.  I continue to research this area and I am using all new technologies in nutrition (nutraceuticals), spiritual healing and emotional healing, in my approach to restore a natural balance to the system.  I have had an opportunity to work with several people and I am working on a book entitled, “The Care and Feeding of the Human Animal”, A Guide to Self-Healing and Prevention.


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