Healing Touch is a type of alternative healing, using hands-on and energy-based techniques, to balance and align the human energy field. It is based on the scientific principle that we ARE energy. Scientists have measured energy bodies extending far beyond the physical. Our physical bodies have the lowest-frequency vibrations and are therefore the densest and most visible aspects of ourselves. Many people have developed their perceptions to the point of "seeing" the subtler energies. Others can "feel" them and some "hear" them. Imbalances exist in our energetic bodies before they manifest as disease or dysfunction in the physical body. Ideally, we can correct imbalances before they become physical problems. For things that are already physical, treating them just on a physical plane might not eliminate them. It is like there is a template on the energetic level. Any physical manifestation naturally grows into the form of the template, just like a jelly forms into the shape of its mold. Certain things that we think are gone from our bodies can actually be sensed hanging around in the energetic bodies. For example, drugs (illicit or pharmaceutical) can hang like a dense fog in the finer bodies.

How does Healing Touch occur?

All healing is basically self-healing. A physician can set two bone fragments in place, but the body, itself, finally heals the split; the physician simply directs and facilitates the process. Healing Touch is a different and often complementary mode of facilitating the healing process, but functions from an energy perspective rather than only a physical one. The Healing Touch Practitioner realigns the energy flow, reactivating the mind/body/spirit connection to eliminate blockages to self-healing. Body, mind, emotion and spirit are touched through this therapeutic process, and each individual is empowered to participate fully in his or her healing journey. Because Healing Touch influences the whole person on all levels, it is appropriate for everyone and can take place in any setting.

Did you know?

Healing Touch can help you with: